The Site

Before going ahead with the purchase of the land, Mustardseed undertook extensive local research to identify an area where education is most urgently needed in the Wakiso district that surrounds the great city of Kampala.  

Sentema, where the school is to be built, is a large and populous area with a significant lack of good local schools.

The school is being built in an area surrounded by farms and woods where the air quality is good and the atmosphere tranquil and creative.  A football pitch and sports area will help the children to be active in body as well as mind.  There will also be a school farm and an extensive conservation area where pupils can learn about ecology, animal husbandry, and the natural world.  

The masterplan is based on a strategic consideration of site services. Adequate routing of water, wastewater and stormwater is relatively easily designed at a pre-construction stage but difficult to adjust in the future.

The site for development is spread across three locations, all within a short walking distance of each other, combining to a total of 20 acres. All three sites have been visited multiple times and analysed in regards to their location, environmental constraints, topography and vegetation.

The actual choice of placing the various functions on the sites is being guided by the nature of each site, an analysis of functional requirements and the understanding of the water cycle. This organically leads to a logical arrangement and site-plan design.

Whereas the upper half of the ‘Main Site’ accommodates all teaching facilities as well as school administration and teachers’ accommodation, the lower half provides space for boarding facilities, vocational workshop building, sports and school farm.