Localworks is a small group of passionate architects specialising in the design and implementation of ecological architecture in East Africa. Founded in 2013 by German-Swedish architect Felix Holland and operating out of Kampala, Uganda.

‘Green’ is important to Localworks, and their concept of it is basic and holistic. They focus on the most fundamental of design decisions to be in harmony with the environment they find themselves working in; where they site a building, how they shape and orientate it, how they ventilate it and protect it from rain, the materials they use, the details they develop — a location-sensitive, adaptive design philosophy nurturing inventive, local solutions.

Founded by Felix Holland, a German architect who has been practicing in Uganda since 2004, the collaborative comprises twenty mostly young architects, engineers and cost consultants, largely Ugandans, with a keen desire to improve their country.

Since 2013, Localworks has worked on a great variety of projects mostly in the educational, hospitality and public sectors. Its philosophy is distinctly idealistic and, whilst being a private for-profit entity, is not profit-driven.

In October 2018, Localworks was shortlisted for the 2018 Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Awards, which celebrates the stars of tomorrow from across the globe. Previous winners include Thomas Heatherwick and Anna Heringer.