Learning Through Play in Kindergarten

In our Kindergarten program, we prioritize play-based learning to foster a love for education. Our carefully curated environment and resources are designed to ignite curiosity, promote exploration, and create a nurturing atmosphere for our students.

Learners in baby class (3-4 years) discussing their core text for the theme

At this tender age, every child learns at their own pace, and we’ve witnessed the remarkable impact of providing them with the freedom to choose from a range of engaging activities. Naturally, they gravitate towards the learning experiences that suit their individual needs. It’s truly inspiring to see the progress our very first cohort, who joined KG1 in January 2022, has made. They are now reading and comprehending English words and sentences on par with their peers in the UK.

Learners in Middle Class (4-5 years) choosing their own reading activities

When children first join us, many have limited English proficiency. To address this, we place a strong emphasis on language development through organic conversations based on their interests. Our dedicated teachers employ techniques like narrating their play, asking thought-provoking questions, and gently guiding their language skills by modeling slightly advanced English phrases. For example, if a child says “dog big,” we respond with encouragement, saying, “Yes, that dog is indeed big!”

We also nurture their innate curiosity through captivating stories. Every few weeks, we introduce core texts that captivate their imaginations and broaden their vocabulary. These stories serve as a gateway to exciting games, activities, and supplementary resources that align with the theme. Some beloved stories among our young learners include timeless classics like Jack and the Beanstalk, The Little Engine that Could, and the adventurous Incy Wincy Spider.

In addition, we conduct engaging teacher-led sessions that incorporate group discussions, lively songs, stimulating games, and hands-on activities to impart fundamental numeracy and literacy skills. Our approach integrates the acclaimed Jollyphonics sounds and actions for reading and writing, while drawing inspiration from the EYFS schemes by the renowned White Rose Maths for numeracy.

Recognizing the significance of outdoor and nature experiences for young children, we prioritize taking lessons and activities outside whenever feasible. For instance, each time we introduce descriptive vocabulary, such as tall and short, or smooth and rough, we embark on nature hunts to actively seek out these attributes. By engaging in sensory-rich experiences outdoors, young learners cultivate curiosity, holistic development, and an innate understanding of their environment. This fosters a genuine love for learning, nurturing their overall growth in a harmonious and interconnected manner.

To ensure continuous growth, we closely monitor our students’ progress. All our assessment is based on the comprehensive Outcomes outlined in the five Learning Areas of the esteemed Early Childhood Development framework, established by the National Curriculum Development Centre of Uganda.

Your support allows us to maintain an exceptional standard of education, where every child’s potential is nurtured in a joyful and enriching environment. Together, we can create a brighter future for these young learners.