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Mustardseed Junior School is Open!

We are thrilled to announce that the school has opened its doors to children for the first time.

After two years away from school the children were so eager to be back! We’ve packed in ton of games, songs, play and learning already.

Below are just a few moments from these wonderful first two weeks.

Our very first assembly: Headteacher Kenny explaining that just like the tree we at Mustardseed “Start small, grow great!”
Kindergarten preparing to do some handprints outdoors
Everyone wants a turn!
Kindergarten practicing their letters in the Kindergarten courtyard
P3 getting their hands dirty with some place value work!
Ronitah is still shining bright after a long, fun day!
P1 made squidgy aliens with different numbers of tentacles- far out!
Getting busy investigating the shape of the giant urns in the school!